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You’re Still Alive!

It was bizarre that the idea for this piece hit when I was in the shower one fine evening. Lately, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting anything. I was going through major life changes, which averted me from writing. Yeah, yeah… I know there’s never a good reason for inconsistency, and I will make it up now. 

As a writer, whenever an idea strikes my mind, I usually write it down so that I won’t forget it later. I think many of you will relate to this. However, in this particular instance, the closest thing I could find to a pen was the red toothpaste from the shelf. And I did what all of you must have reconciled. I strangled the tube and squeezed the paste, trying to write the idea down roughly to prevent it from evaporating off my little head until I was done showering.

Now the real deal of what I’m writing about is to remind you of the fact that you are alive. Most of us are so caught up in life that we fail to appreciate it as much as we are supposed to. Some of us are absorbed in our daily hustle; others face an existential crisis, struggle, and the list goes on. Life is not a bed of roses, but it is also more than that. Amidst the humdrum and the haze of life, the one thing that is under our absolute control is the choice of never giving up on ourselves.

It is beautiful to have the courage to move forward even when troubles shackle your feet, expectations are choking the breath out of your lungs, and people’s opinions are blinding your path. The subtle art of finding joy in simple things can be so inspiring as to make people move mountains. I recall seeing a honeybee collecting nectar from a cherry blossom, and the essence of exchange I witnessed was enlightening. I envied how the small creature passionately flew miles across the sky to scout for the best flowers to extract a meagre amount of 0.04 grams of nectar. And it seems to do so with devotion and pride: contributing its part in this big, wide world.  

That is when it sunk into my mind that it’s never too late to dream or chase your dream, to change or be the change, to smile again or be whatever you want to be. Your existence is reason enough to go out there and slay the world. Just take that one step, no matter how negligible the impact may seem, how deep your fears may be, or even how badly you’re done with life. Because when life seems like a monotone of black, you go out and find the rainbows and sprinkle them all over the place. As Robert Frost quotes, “The best way out is always through.” 

You’re breathing; you’re alive! And that’s all that matters…

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