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Paralyzed lying under the dark grey sky, I felt the chills shooting down my spine; The infinite dark seems to intensify, Consuming the parts of me that still shine; Can’t seem to paint colours, Tired of holding down my adrenaline; Fading light and withering flowers – Are the only things I can imagine! The avalanche…… Continue reading SOS

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Silent scream

Breathe in and out…Relax and let go. How could she, when she was drowning in her own chaotic mind? How could she, when the endless void was suffocating her? How could she, when the silence was deafening loud? How could she, with the stack of numbness? She could barely construe her spiraling thoughts. How could…… Continue reading Silent scream

Categorized as Poems


While you were my intoxicating glass of wine; I was just your hangover cure – a potion of lime! While you were my entire world – a galaxy refined; I was just a tiny dot somewhere undefined! While you were my light through the gray; I was just another crowd added to your day! While…… Continue reading Lovelorn


You sauntered toward the olive-brown guitar: Your armoured sphere, you strum its strings; Melodies in the room you scatter, And how the air smells like spring; You poured your heart out beyond a doubt, Let me glance at your naked soul; Swayed that if we start, you’d be devout, To fill the void, make ourselves…… Continue reading Facade…