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About Me

Hi again! Well since you made it to this page, I’m guessing you already know my name and what I do. Now, if you’re wondering if writing is what I do the entire day then it’s not, there’s more to me other than writing. Apart from the 7-8 hours that I spend structuring my thoughts to present an eloquent write-up, I drink my black tea…uuhh! This is what gets me started and keeps me going my entire life. I listen to music a lot, sing too, though I’d say I have an average voice, and I hang out with my furry pals- my cats and a dog.

So how did I become a writer? Let’s roll back the clock and revisit the “me” that I was a few years ago. I graduated as an IT engineer in 2019 and let me tell you, whatever’s on your mind is probably right. Yes, I followed the crowd, cleared my JEE and got into a college, only to realise that it’s not something I’m passionate about. I dragged myself to complete my 4 years and landed up with my first job in an ed-tech industry, not an ideal IT role but as a course counsellor. Something’s better than nothing right? That’s what I thought…

I was determined to make it work, I had confidence, great communication, and perseverance: qualities that I thought were enough to make me shoot for the sky. I was exposed to working professionals from various domains, who were all trying to learn new things or looking out for better opportunities and I’d help pave the way for them. I knew I had been doing a good job minus the passion, which was drilling a hole in my heart.

I already have this writer inside of me, yet I never dared to unclothe her. And it took me half a year of being bedridden to realise, “This is what I wanna do”. It was the longest six months ever but it was an epiphany.

So here I am writing and writing. I write because that’s the voice of my soul, because then I know what I want and feel, because then I’m ready to let you and others see through and beyond me. I write not to dazzle anyone but to share my story. After all, I can only hope that you get an iota of inspiration and resonate with my voice.

Hit me up if you want to send a message or have a project!

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