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Will ChatGPT Replace Your Jobs?

ChatGPT is the buzzword lately and has taken the internet by storm. So what is chatGPT and can it really replace your jobs? With technology booming, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is no longer anonymous. ChatGPT is a Natural Language Processing tool driven by AI technology that acts more as a multi-talented conversationalist rather than a mere chatbot.…… Continue reading Will ChatGPT Replace Your Jobs?

Neobanks: Are They the Future of Banking?

When we hear the word bank we instantly picture brick and mortar buildings, occupied by assistants and bankers. With digitalisation becoming universal, where almost everything is just a click away, neobanks come into the picture for consumer banking needs. What are neobanks and are they the future of the consumer banking world? Read on to…… Continue reading Neobanks: Are They the Future of Banking?

A Peak into the Impacts of AI on Education

In today’s world enveloped by fast-paced technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence isn’t a rare term anymore. AI has immensely impacted everyone’s life be it something as simple as online shopping to impeccable stuff like space exploration. The AI revolution has altered education making it smarter and faster and since its inception, the scope of flexible learning…… Continue reading A Peak into the Impacts of AI on Education

7 skills you need for a holistic development

The 21st century is an era which has seen huge advancements in technology and science which directly impacted all of our lives. There is competition and hustle everywhere which makes it an absolute necessity to have the following 7 skills. Agility and adaptability: Agility helps a person to quickly think and understand a situation or…… Continue reading 7 skills you need for a holistic development