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Unsaid words about pain!

PAIN! It’s only a word we often hear or come across until it comes and hits us. That is when we really understand its meaning and intensity. It’s something abstract – at times it hides underneath, doing nothing, and at times brings out unreasonable, immeasurable bulk of vehemence. Like an ocean: unfathomable and the sea waves unpredictable.

Sometimes we hold on to the sharp pangs that pierce through our hearts, it eventually becomes a part of our lives, a definition of our existent psyche.

The pain of losing our loved ones and the repercussions that follow is something which very few of us can genuinely resonate with, at least partly if not wholly. Most of us would just go along with it, carrying the heaviness, our hearts burdened. We pretend we are okay and veil ourselves lest others would see our traumas and scars.

But the bitter truth is the pain won’t just magically disappear, rather it’ll stay with us forever. It just stings a little less with time or we just get used to it. You’d feel the never closing void linger over your very existence. In spite of that, I believe love heals all wounds, so the only thing we can do is love ourselves a bit more and in the endeavour, love one another, no matter how hard it is. Maybe that is how we can endure the bitterness and gnawing pain. 

Until then, don’t give up, keep fighting and showing up and don’t lose hope because “ To live without hope is to cease to live” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

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