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The Closed Door

Standing there, cold and bleak, covered in black – classy and mysterious. It is a closed-door that I see. It acts as a veil between its contrasting worlds – the outside and the inside.

I wonder how many stories it must have heard, witnessed laughter and pain, yet hovers unaltered by the change of seasons around it. That must be the reason for its elegance and mystery. People may often wonder about the secrets it embodies and what truths it will unfold. From my side of the door, I see the colour black which depicts emptiness and shattered dreams. Thoughts of the past were oscillating and it was petrifying. I felt powerless to reach the knob, open the door and put my leg on the other side.

Little did I know that I just needed to stretch my hands out a little further. The door was awaiting the right traveller to pass it through. It absorbed and withheld the many tints of life, vibrant and dull only to coalesce and give out colourful adventures on the other side. It only desires to unveil the beauty it has to offer, leaving behind my fears.

I then realized, the black I saw was not broken dreams and oblivion. It was rather an illustration of missed opportunities and dreams unfulfilled had I not gained the courage to open the door. 

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