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The end of the beginning 

The end is nearing and I’m starting to have cold feet. Oh, how I love the beginning but detest the ending! It’s said that consummations only mark the beginning of something new: a new era, a new opportunity, a new what-not. It might be astounding for some of you, but I find it dampening.

I realized that it was time to put both my bases into the water, I can no longer play safe and put one bottom on land. I want to swim; not sink! Or I’d rather sink onetime and gush back over to the face with a bang. The what-ifs are blunting and entwining every neuron in my brain. Nevertheless, I’ve to come out of the robe, hoping eventually I would be a hole of light in someone’s lair. The journey I went through has prepared and moulded me. I’m determined to reach out and take a vault to the pinnacle; the vibrant recollections of the trip complete, to guide me and help me search my soul.

The journey has been one of mindfulness, learning, and rectification. I’ve been moulded like a lump of clay; meliorated like gold through fire; carved like a sculptor would a fine masterpiece. J.P Morgan quotes, “ The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are. ”


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