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Rewriting ads or would you say refining ads?

This is an email which I got from Goibibo and the subject caught my eye. Here it goes : ” We Are Very Down-To-Earth.” The purpose of their email was to market their services in online hotel bookings and road travels. My refined version is something like this: “Fly high and cruise pronto to coziness”

Another one is from Flipkart, “For a fatter wallet, look inside!” They are witty and have appealing email writing techniques. I just made a slight change, ” To stack your wallet, check what’s inside!”

This one from Netflix is amazing, combined with a sense of humour and wit. It says, ” You gotta get it to get it”. I rewrote that to, ” Play it once, you’ll get all the puns.”

Looking at the burnt french-fries, I came up with: A taste so hot, it’ll burn your sensations away.

This one’s from Skybags featuring Varun Dhawan where he says, ” With Skybags, I can keep changing my travel gear”. I rewrote, “With Skybags, you can take your luggage and leave your baggage behind.”

Puma footwear ad: “Get a move on- Pumagility.” My version: ” Pumagility- You don’t just move, you sprint!”

Fastrack watches ad goes, ” Shut the fake up” and mine goes, “Fake time is up.”

I rewrote this as,” The queen of drinks- you’d want all straws dipped.”


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