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Want organic food that’s also cheap? Then go get your own farm in Kentucky…

What?? No, you don’t have to do that. If you need a change of food and taste, then ‘TasteLit’ is the right place to spice up your palate while making sure you’re relaxed and eating organic food just a few miles away from home. You heard that right! The food products are obtained from a local organic farm, with all ingredients having very little to zero cholesterol and trans-fat. We have a health-friendly menu that ensures you have a plate full of colors and variety. (p.s: potatoes don’t count as veggies ;-)]. There are recommendations on pairing two or more dishes together just for you to get a balanced and delicious meal. Every dish is mouth-watering, finger-licking scrumptious, and bursting with health.

TasteLit- The new healthy, always tasty.


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